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Hi Gang!

Found another useful Retro computing PDF – this time it’s The AmigaDOS manual 3-in-1 reference guide from 1986.

The AmigaDOS Manual, is a combination of three separate publications:

  • The AmigaDOS User’s Manual
  • The AmigaDOS Developer’s Manual
  • The AmigaDOS Technical Reference Manual

The User’s Manual contains information of interest to every Amiga user. There are many more commands that AmigaDOS understands than are accessible from the Workbench. If a user uses Preferences to turn on the CLI, these new commands become accessible.

The Developer’s Manual describes how to use AmigaDOS from within a program rather than from a command line interface. It also fully documents the Amiga Macro Assembler and Linker. (Note that the Amiga Macro Assembler is available as a separate product.)

The Technical Reference Manual describes the data structures that AmigaDOS uses internally. It includes descriptions of how DOS disk data is stored, and the format of the “object-files ” that AmigaDOS uses . A developer or expert user would find the information in this technical section to be very useful.

Together these three publications, in this single volume, comprise the essential guide to AmigaDOS.

Not sure of the legal status of sharing this, but it’s no longer in print or for sale, so I think it’s safe 🙂

The AmigaDOS Manual
The AmigaDOS Manual
Version: 1986
14.3 MiB

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