Making an EPROM Adapter and Burning Amiga Kickstart ROMs – TL866 MiniPro

Today we are going to bring a Commodore Amiga A600 Back to life. It has a broken Kickstart ROM, but my Minipro TL866 doesn’t support the 27C400 EPROM devices. We’re going to build an adapter, then copy and burn the data to a new EPROM. Finally we’ll test to see if the broken Amiga boots!

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00:00​ – A Broken Amiga A600!
00:28​ – A Kickstart ROM with missing legs!
00:40​ – EPROM Programmer and EPROMs.
00:51​ – Incompatible TL866 EPROM problem.
00:59​ – The solution to burning an Amiga Kickstart Eprom
01:11​ – Mark Fixes Stuff Intro
01:16​ – Sponsor Thanks
01:30​ – About the Adapter and the Designer
01:43​ – Supported EPROMs – 27C160, 27C322, 27C400 and 27C800
01:54​ – How the EPROM adapter board works
02:13​ – Building the Board – Step-by-Step.
11:11​ – The EPROM adapter is complete
11:19​ – Testing the EPROM adapter with the TL866
11:26​ – Fixing the broken pins on the original Amiga A600 Kickstart ROM
11:41​ – Soldering temporary legs onto the ROM
12:37​ – Dumping an Amiga Kickstart ROM using the EPROM adapter on the TL866.
14:06​ – Writing the Amiga Kickstart ROM to a 27C400 EPROM.
16:41​ – Trying out the burned EPROM in a real Amiga A600
17:05​ – Installing the EPROM in an A600
17:17​ – Hooking up an Amiga Disk Drive
17:31​ – Power On.
17:37​ – Will an Amiga boot from a Kickstart ROM burned to an EPROM?
17:45​ – Burned EPROM Amiga Kickstart – Test result
17:49​ – Wrap up and further plans.
18:04​ – Patreon Thanks
18:15​ – Viewer thanks and Further Watching!

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