Hands on with the C64P portable C64 laptop from sd2iec.co.uk – The Future was 8-bit!!!

Join me as I get hands on with the C64P – C64 Laptop from http://www.sd2iec.co.uk – The Future was 8 bit!

A big thanks to Nic for letting me have this for a test drive He’s only planning on making a limited run of these, probably less than six TOTAL, so feeling very honoured.

Check out his website for more retro goodies such as the SD2IEC C64 SD card solution and the Epyx Fastload Reloaded. I basically have a little tour of the machine and play some games on it to showcase how it works and loads etc. You can use this as a BASIC mode C64 too, but let’s be honest – if you want to do that I wouldn’t be able to teach you anything!

Check out this AWESOME THING!!!!!

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