Building an Epyx FastLoad Cartridge & Finding MORE AliExpress Faked Chips! SD2IEC SPEED TEST!

This video is kindly sponsored by PCBWay –​ and we’re making an Epyx FastLoad Cartridge for the Commodore 64 8 bit microcomputer! We do a full build of the project from PCBWay, including EPROM programming with my Minipro.

We discover that the EPROMs I was sold by AliExpress are fake chips, having been skimmed and remarked by the seller, so we find a way around that issue. Finally we perform a Speed Test between an SD2IEC with and without the Epyx Fastload cartridge and see if it makes a difference!

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Table of Contents
00:00​ – Why we’re building the Epyx FastLoad Cartridge.
00:23​ – Mark Fixes Stuff Intro Titles.
00:29​ – PCBWay Sponsor Segment
00:43​ – Soldering Iron Settings and PCB Cleaning with Isopropanol Alcohol.
01:11​ – Fitting the DIP/DIL Chip sockets.
02:44​ – Capilliary action in Soldering.
03:37​ – How soldering flux works.
03:59​ – Passive Components.
04:31​ – Tantalum Capacitor Installation Polarity.
03:02​ – Eye Protection Warning for clipping leads.
05:43​ – Adding a reset swich to the Commodore 64.
06:04​ – Warning about getting BlueTack hot during soldering and solution.
06:50​ – Post Soldering PCB Flux Cleaning.
07:21​ – Shoutout to Patreon Patron Jon Harris.
07:29​ – Installing the 74LS07 Hex Buffer chip.
07:57​ – Programming an EPROM with the Minipro USB Programmer.
08:51​ – Discovering the EPROM has been faked or re-marked.
08:31​ – Searching for the solution to the mystery remarked EPROMs.
09:44​ – Finding the real information on the remarked chips from AliExpress.
10:08​ – Programming the EPROM with the correct information.
12:05​ – Installing the programmed EPROM in the EPYX FastLoad Cartridge.
12:41​ – The finished EPYX FastLoad ready for speed testing with an SD2IEC.
13:36​ – SD2IEC loading speed test without the EPYX FastLoad cart.
14:42​ – SD2IEC loading speed test withthe EPYX FastLoad cart installed.
13:38​ – Covering the quartz UV erasure window and community question.
15:52​ – Patreon thanks and how you can help the channel.
16:04​ – Viewer thanks, end card and more videos!

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