Tool Time Show and Tell – My TOP 13 Tools for Fixing Stuff… Plus a Runner UP!

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Hello Fix Fans! By popular demand, I present a whistle stop tour of my Top Tools! This will not be the same list as other people and is a personal list that sometimes changes, but let’s delve deep into the contents of my drawers!

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00:01 – Intro to my Top Ten Tools for Fixing Stuff!
00:30 – PCBWay Sponsor Mention
00:45 – Runner Up – Magnification!
01:11 – Scoping the problem –
01:36 – How much can you bench? –
02:03 – Fight the Resistance!
02:29 – SPLASH! IPA / Window & Glass / Acetone / Flux
02:59 – Wipe your dirty bits!
03:19 – Clean your rusty parts! Fibreglass / Brass
03:50 – Exotic Screwing Devices – (Similar)
04:13 – Snip Snip!
04:35 – Power up your Screwing Action!
04:56 – Hot Tool Blowing and Bed. and
05:25 – Suck it out! and
06:07 – Ohm My Goodness!
06:37 – The ESSENTIAL number ONE! or even
07:36 – Patron thanks!
08:01 – Further Viewing!

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