Makin’ Room for Retro!

The times they are a changin’ here at MFS Towers!

Just yesterday we rolled back the carpet for the beginning of building works to transform a portion of our garage into an annex to our lounge. The space will be used as an office area to house my desk and projects!

Yesterday the lounge looked like this after the surface of the wall was cut back and removed……

Plasterboard removed on Day one.
Plasterboard removed on Day One.

Today there is a LOT of progress.

Wall(s) removed!
Wall(s) removed!

The wall is down and a concrete reinforced lintel has been placed above the gap to support the wall. You can see where a second wall was removed too. A lot of bricks in the skip!

From another angle….

Looking down the (ex) garage!
Looking down the (ex) garage!

The old fluorescent strip has been replaced with a ceiling rose and light pendant. The grey concrete joist in the far background will be where the new wall and door into the “mini garage/utilities area” will be located.

A last look from the garage end…

From the garage end...
From the garage end…

The floor has been concreted after a large step was removed. The walls will be dry lined tomorrow and the door on the right will be removed. The radiator in the far distance has been moved already from where the hole in the wall is now.

The timber joist on the right are where the new wall will be built, the small amount of space is to accommodate the plumbing, gas and electricity meters, as well as the wiring for our Photovoltaic solar panels.

More info as it comes! Stay tuned to MFS Towers!

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