A Teeny Tiny Tube TV for NTSC and PAL Signals! 9 inch Grundig P25-449/12 Colour CRT.

I have a new old TV… and it’s the tiny Grundig P25-449/12 Colour CRT set. This will be great for retro and it EVEN SUPPORTS NTSC and PAL RF SIGNALS!!!! Join me as we take a look at the specs and test it out with a few vintage retro gaming machines.

Apologies for my terrible German accent attempt. The whole video was recorded live, hence the slight echo.

00:00​ – Introduction to the Grundig P25-449/12 Multi Function NTSC / PAL Television.
01:28​ – Look at the unit, inputs and power options.
02:47​ – The vintage paperwork from the 90’s, circuit diagram(!) and manual.
05:04​ – Official specifications and signal support in the manual.
05:24​ – Testing with the Sinclair Spectrum 128k +2 (RGB SCART).
08:05​ – Hooking up the remote control to the bench power supply unit.
08:34​ – Trying to work out the remote control.
09:22​ – Testing with the Commodore 64C (Composite Video over SCART).
11:00​ – Auf Wiedersehen Monty SID CHIP Tuneage.
11:12​ – Testing a 50/60hz modded Megadrive (from the @RMC – The Cave​ video) 60Hz RGB SCART.
12:26​ – Thoughts and wrap up!
12:50​ – Patreon supporter thanks!

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