Fixing & Servicing a BBC Micro Power Supply after the capacitors explode!

Join me as we repair and service a BBC Micro PSU that has let loose the “Magic Blue Smoke” when the Rifa X2 Suppression capacitors failed. This video is sponsored by!

As well as just replacing the RIFA X2 Caps, we also service the entire power supply, using a high quality kit from – We go through the entire process so that you can do it too! The RetroClinic kit advanced servicing kit gives the PSU better smoothting on the -5v line and is recommended. If you just want to change the blown capacitors then there’s a smaller kit for that too!

Buy a servicing kit at :

– Get an SS02 Solder Sucker here:
– Get the Topnik liquid No Clean flux I used here:
– Get a desolder station like I use here:
– Get a temperature controlled Soldering Station here:
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