Posting a package FAIL… and then a win!

I went to the post office yesterday to post a retro package to Germany. They wanted £22.86 to send a moderately small item. Resigned to the rip-off I agreed (as I had been queueing for nearly an hour) only to be told that he couldn’t send the parcel as he didn’t have the correct barcode!!!!

spectrum-repair-sinclair-parcelWTF? You’re meant to be the POST OFFICE!  FAIL! FAIL! F$CKING FAIL!

P*ssed off and not wanting to drive right into town, pay for parking and queue again, I turned to the internet.

That’s when I found ParcelMonkey! I got the same package shipped for £17.51, they are going to collect it and it’s INSURED and TRACKED!

Oh… and the real kicker is that it’s going to be shipped by the same carrier.

Royal Fail.

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