Toshiba HX-10 MSX back from the dead!

Some big success today. The MSX from my pickups video was not working (half the keys wouldn’t work/wouldn’t load from cassette).

I spent a day stripping the ALPS keyboard down to find a lot of oxidation and corrosion inside the keys themselves. After cleaning the contacts with good old brasso and IPA the keyboard is now fully functional.

Whilst inside I also tacked a mono flylead onto the cassette port to test the loading whilst bypassing the DIN connector, and it worked great. I replaced the 8-pin DIN and now I can load from standard cassette, PC and even my android phone!

Happy days. Happy that this fine Toshiba HX-10 I got from Hayley is now up, running and fully operational.

Will be trying out some software from Tony Cruise after the weekend, but work is beckoning!


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