Romantic Robot Multiface 128 Clone for ZX Spectrum – Step-By-Step Build!

We’re building a Multiface 128 clone today. Originally by Romantic Robot, this device allows you to freeze, inspect and dump the content of memory to a storage device, which in no way was a boon for pirates at all, nope!

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00:01 – Introduction to the Multiface 128 clone for 48k and 128k ZX Spectrums.
00:13 – Mark Fixes Stuff Intro.
00:18 – PCBWay Sponsor Thanks.
00:31 – Multiface Clone project parts required.
01:57 – A ready-made ZX Spectrum edge connector from
02:13 – Cleaning the Multiface 128 recreation PCB.
03:17 – Soldering the decoupling capacitors.
06:01 – Installing the resistors.
06:30 – Installing the DIP14 sockets for the 74 series logic chips.
09:49 – Installing the DIP28 sockets for the 27C64 EPROM and the SRAM chip.
11:40 – Installing the momentary tactile switch for the NMI function.
12:10 – Installing the ZX Spectrum Edge connector!
14:07 – Why you still need to clean “No-Clean” flux!
14:39 – Programming the EPROM for the Spectrum Multiface 128.
17:15 – Installing the supporting 74 series logic chips in the Multiface.
18:15 – Inserting the EPROM prgrammed with the Multiface 128 v87.12 ROM file.
18:23 – Installing the SRAM chip.
18:36 – The Romantic Robot 128 recreation for ZX Spectrum is complete!
18:45 – Testing the build works on a 48k Spectrum
19:25 – Test on a 129k +2 (Grey/Gray) Spectrum
19:30 – Incompatabilities with later models.
19:45 – Patreon thanks
20:05 – Further viewing that you might enjoy!

The project was reversed by Stephen Smith and has been used here with his express consent. You can order your own boards from, where you will also find a parts list.

The file you need for programming the EPROM is here:

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