L@@k R@re LOL – A Sinclair Spectrum with an AMI SAGA-1A ULA? WTF! Have you seen one like this?

Working through my “to do” pile I came across a Spectrum 48k+ with an unusual sticker underneath the motherboard, and a disturbing lack of many of the passive components.

Removing the board revealed the sticker in all it’s glory…


I mentioned this in one of the Facebook groups and it generated a fair bit of interest, with no-one seeming to have seen one before.

Of particular interest seemed to be the ULA, which bears the markings:



No-one seems to have ever seen one of these ULA’s in “real life” before, with people just having seen it mentioned in the service manual.

I am happy to report that the machine passed it’s pre-powering checks and even the keyboard membrane works great.

One thing to note is that this ULA seems to run SUPER COOL. After ten minutes of Knight Lore running, there was barely any heat coming from the SAGA ULA!

So onto the details pics of the board. People with far greater knowledge than I have asked to see close-up pics of the chips and components, so never being one to turn down an opportunity for self promotion, I have posted them on the website for all to see. Well, that and facebook makes the pictures worse than they already are and reduces them in size significantly…

*CLICK PICS FOR FULL SIZE – Apologies for crap quality*

IMG_20150424_001737[1]IMG_20150424_001800[1]IMG_20150424_001846[1] IMG_20150424_001904[1] IMG_20150424_001824[1] IMG_20150424_001837[1] IMG_20150424_002051[1]

Any observations? Have you seen one like this? Let me know!

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