Some Ram Music Machine finds!

I was lucky enough to receive some great Sinclair ZX Spectrum music add-ons in a package from Andy in a previous vlog (here), one of which was a RAM Music Machine.

MusicMachineI’m planning to do a video of this piece of kit in action, assuming it works, and have had some great success in finding some of the files on the web.

I’ve found the manual: MusicMachine_UserGuide

The software:

… and even an MP3 set of both sides A & B of the “Demo Song” tape provided with the unit: MusicMachineThe-DemoSong-SideA and MusicMachineThe-DemoSong-SideB (right click, save as…)

These were found on the awesome project that is World of Spectrum and are now also hosted here to save WoS bandwidth 🙂

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