Building a Vintage DRAM Tester & Testing AliExpress FAKE(?) 4116 and 4264 DRAMs?

This video is kindly sponsored by PCBWay – Https:// I’ve bought some CLEARLY skimmed and remarked chips that claim to be 4116 and 4164 DRAMs respectively. 4116 and 4164/4264 chips are used in a variety of old computers from Atari, Amstrad, Sinclair and Commodore so they are useful to have on hand… if they work!

To test these chips we are building the Dual DRAM tester from It’s a lot of fun to build and finds bad chips easily, but what will be the fate of our AliExpress bargains????

Join me for the build and watch the testing at the end – first with two known good chips then we test the remarked parts!!

00:00 – Introduction to the 4116 & 4164 Arduino Based DRAM Tester Kit
00:28 – Sponsor Thanks.
00:41 – 4116 / 4164 DRAM Tester Kit description and Parts.
01:30 – Building the DRAM Tester and Soldering Tips.
10:52 – Hand Soldering the SMD Components.
16:22 – Cleaning the PCB board with IPA (Isopropanol Alcohol).
17:55 – Testing the DRAM tester and voltage check points.
19:10 – Testing the chips – Real DRAM and potentially fake DRAM.
21:38 – Wrap Up.

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