Sega Megadrive (Genesis) Overclocking – Parts update

I’ve been looking to over-clock my Sega Megadrive (Sega Genesis) for a while now, but hit a brick wall when I opened her up and found that the 68k CPU in my unit was the really poor quality Signetics version.

Bad News

sega-megadrive-repair-overclocking-genesisApparently this “clone” is unable to be over-clocked and actually doesn’t run games as well as the other 68000 processors that Sega used.

The Search Begins…

Undeterred I set about looking for a replacement CPU, and through reading a lot of internet sources I learned that the best CPU in peoples (admittedly unscientific) experiences was the Hitachi variant.

Well the catchilly named “HD68000P8” appeared to be the CPU of choice. Apparently this CPU is the best unit when it comes to over-clocking.

Scouring the internet I could only find this CPU for fairly high prices (£17-£45) plus shipping. Then I lucked out and found the following auction in China…



I’ll buy THAT for a dollar!

So, with shipping that comes to $8.15 and when converted to the humble British Pound it comes out as £6.09 all in.  Sure I’ll have to wait for 10-30 days, but I have a lot to do anyway.

So, a future project and video is in the making. Need to get a 64 pin DIP socket next 🙂

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